Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle Wraps

The Original Signman has seen a lot of car wraps done by “the other guys” that’ll do it for less giving exactly what the customers get. Be sure that you have the best by joining the leader who helped pioneer the car wrapping business, with a satisfaction warranty, with the experience and reputation to back it up.

In just 1 year, a single vehicle can make over 10 million impressions on people. Is your brand getting the attention it deserves? A vehicle with little or no graphics = a waste of advertising space = a waste of profit.

Don’t allow other businesses to take your customers away from you. Make your presence known by investing in a car wrap for your vehicle. The Original Signman will work with you during every step of the process – from design, to installation – to ensure that our high resolution “Rolling Billboards” catch the attention of your customers, and bring them right to your storefront! This is one of the best ways for small businesses to grow, so you better get on it before your competition does!

Car Wrap Warranty

Using only the best materials, The Original Signman trumps other companies by offering a knowledge, experience and using only the best materials. We make this possible by combining 3M Vinyl with 3M Inks and 3M Laminates to create a MCSTM (Match Component System). These are standards which many other companies fail to uphold. With The Original Signman, you are guaranteed a long lasting graphics wrap that will withstand the test of time!

Using only the best to protect your investment, The Original Signman typically finishes installations in less than 2 days, and our vinyls will never damage paint surfaces. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made the right decision for you and your business!


Car Wraps

We have the best car wrap graphics and warranty in the business!

Bus RV & Shuttle Wraps

Your bus, RV, or shuttle is the road’s largest mobile billboard. Don’t waste space on that free advertising! Instead, bring us your mobile billboard and we’ll make sure that you get noticed!

Pickup Truck Wraps

Let us make your pickup stand out in the crowd and bring new business. We can design an awesome pickup wrap that will be the envy of your competitors!

Van Wraps

Only our van wraps use the longest lasting vinyl with the most vibrant colors. The Original Signman uses only the best – vinyl, inks and laminates, coupled with a 7 year warranty.

Reflective Wraps

Try our reflective vinyl for glowing visibility at night!

SUV Wraps

Our SUV wraps aren’t just a pretty sight! With vibrant colors enhancing every detail of its design, these wraps have no competition when it comes to lifespan. The Original Signman uses only the best materials – vinyl, inks and laminates – so that you get the most of your investment. You can’t go wrong when you work with us!